Qualified and experienced animal trainers and behaviourists on hand in East and West Sussex to help with your training needs. We offer:

From horses and cats to dogs and birds, since 2007 we’ve helped hundreds of animals and their owners. Need our help, too? Contact us.

Outdoor Class

We offer outdoor dog socialisation and obedience classes. The main focus is on recall and socialisation but other obedience is covered. Dogs that are …

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One – To – One Behaviour

We offer behaviour consultations in your home for complex behavioral issues include those stemming from fear, anxiety, and phobias.…

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One-to-One Training

We offer one to one training and agility sessions on a Tuesday morning at our centre in Shermanbury (above henfield). We can help with recall, lead wo…

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Puppy Classes

Our puppy training and socialisation classes are suitable for fully vaccinated puppies that start the course aged between 11 and 20 weeks of age. Clas…

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Dog Agility

We run agility training classes for puppies and dogs of any age . Classes run for 45 minutes every week, all year round. We cater for beginners throu…

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Dog Obedience Club

We run obedience training classes for puppies and dogs of any age.  Classes run on Monday evenings in Albourne for 45 minutes each week.…

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