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Pro Dog School (formally known as Problematic Pets) was founded in 2007 to help address the training needs and behavioural issues of pets in Sussex. Based in Hurstpierpoint, we serve East and West Sussex. Everyone at Pro Dog School is fully qualified, insured and experienced.




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At Pro Dog School we are passionate about responsible pet ownership and helping owners to develop greater communication skills with their animals. Our aim is to improve the relationship between owner and pet. We use only kind, reward based methods of training as we know that this increases the bond with our pets and results in well-rounded and contented animals and owners.

We believe it’s better to deal with the cause of a behaviour than its effect. At Pro Dog School we can help you to understand your pet’s motivations and put in place measures to ensure issues don’t continue to cause distress to owners or their pets.

We offer a range of courses and one-to-one consultations to help you and your pet learn the skills and behaviours needed for both pet and owner to live a happy and harmonious life.

Holly is the founder and senior behaviourist for Pro Dog School. She primarily works with cats and dogs, but can also help with other species, including horses.

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Holly Keeling

Owner and Trainer at Pro Dog School