One-to-One Behaviour

What: We can provide you with a tailor-made dog behaviour modification programs using gentle, reward based methods. We do not condone the use of choke collars, shock collars or any other form of training which involves harsh punishment.

The consultations are private one-to-one’s and can help with issues such as:

  • reactivity/aggression/nervousness around people or other dogs
  • separation anxiety/destructive behaviour when left alone
  • excessive vocalisation (barking or whining)
  • house soiling
  • resource guarding – possessive of items, toys or food
  • nuisance scratching/digging
  • obsessive / compulsive behaviours
  • chasing of animals, joggers, cyclists, cars etc
  • fears and phobias
  • transport issues
  • problematic vet visits

Where: At your home or any other place where the undesirable behaviours occur (within 7 miles of Hurstpierpoint). Or via Zoom online.

When: We are available for private one to one dog training on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

How much:

Behavioural consultations cost £175.00 for in person or £125 online, which includes:

  • analysis of a history questionnaire and pre-consultation queries
  • travel cost and times
  • two to 2.5 hour private training session
  • emailed actions following the session
  • three months of ongoing email, skype and phone support
  • an update for your dog’s vet if required.


To book a training one to one, please:

    1. Complete the registration form here: One to One Behaviour
    2. And submit payment here:

One to One Behaviour

Because living with a dog that has behavioural issues can be miserable for you, your dog and others around them. A dog free from nuisance behaviours is often happier and healthier and likely to be a pleasure to live with.

Altering a dog’s behaviour can take time and be a lifelong commitment, please ensure that you have the time and patience to invest in changing your dog’s behaviour before booking a consultation. If things are not working for you now you will need to make some changes to your dog’s routine.

Further Info:

Prior to any consultations, the following are required:

  • a referral from your dog’s vet. This is to ensure that there is no underlying medical condition contributing to your dog’s behaviour.
  • a completed behaviour questionnaire (with the history of your dog and their undesirable behaviour)
  • full payment.

Please contact us to book a behavioural modification program.

More of a training issue?
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