One To One Training

What: We can help you to work through training and foundation agility with your dog on a one to one basis in your home or at a location that suits you. Training issues we can help with in these sessions include:

  • not coming back
  • pulling on the lead
  • jumping up at and mouthing people
  • lack of attention
  • lack of self control
  • foundation agility – teaching directional cues

More of a behavioural issue? If you are looking for one to one help for behavioural issues such as those including fear, anxiety, aggression and phobias please see our one to one behaviour page.

Where: At your home or any other place where the undesirable behaviours occur (within 7 miles of Hurstpierpoint). Or via Zoom if online.

When: We are available for private one to one dog training at 1pm, 3pm or 6pm Wednesday’s, Thuersdays, Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

How much:

In person:

£75.00 for one hour
£130 – 1 x 2hrs (save £20)
£140 – 2 x 1hr (save £10)
£195 – 3 x 1hr (save £30) – best for new dogs or puppies


£30 per 30 mins
£50 per hour
£90 – 2 x 1hr (save £10)
£130 – 3 x 1hr (save £15) – best for new dogs or puppies



To book a training one to one, please:

  1. Complete the registration form here: One to One Training
  2. And submit payment here:

One to One Training

Why: Teaching your dog obedience and agility is a fun way to improve their overall attention to you and a great way to increasing your bond. A well trained dog is not only a pleasure to be around but is also safer for the public and for your dog themselves.

Further Info:

All basic training is covered, using kind, consistent, reward-based techniques (including clicker training). Sessions are run by Holly who is a qualified behaviourist with 13 years’ experience.