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Dogs and Pre-Schoolers

This week I took my dog, Leskie, into my sons pre-school for a show and tell. I did a short talk on a dog’s needs and how to behave around them, then we showed off some of her tricks. The biggest crowd pleaser was getting her and my son to high five me at the […]

Toilet training

At around three weeks of age a puppy has an inbuilt instinct to move away from their nest to go to the toilet. They will not be aware that your larger house is still part of the nest so it is up to you to teach them the boundaries. Here’s my top tips for toilet […]

Attention Seeking

A hot topic for me this week was attention seeking; with children and dogs. In particular, them trying to get attention by performing nuisance behaviours or pestering. Dogs are very clever, they will watch you closely and quickly figure out how to get your attention when they want. Whether it be them mouthing, jumping up or […]

Preparing for a dog walk

Today I had a successful walk with my dog, baby and 3yr old son. By successful I mean that we had some fun and everyone stayed safe. Before the walk I explained to my three year old that if he wanted freedom to run around and explore in the woods he had to make sure […]