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How to store a dog long line

I recommend long lines for dog’s who are still working on recall (coming back when called). In my opinion they are vital to most new dog owners shopping list. However, they take some getting used to and can become tangled very easily. A few years ago, on a course, I was shown by someone how to store […]

My first Kennel Club agility competition

Last week Leskie and I entered our first Kennel Club agility competition. I say first, if I am completely honest we did enter one about a year and a half ago. We waited three and a half hours, we managed five obstacles before she squatted in the middle of the ring and pooped. I was […]

Assistance Dog Training

I’ve just returned from a five day #Superdogs course learning how to train dogs for assistance. The course was run by Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden of School of Canine Science who had their own TV series on Channel 4 last year called Rescue Dog to Super Dogs. And that’s what we did this last […]

Choosing a dog trainer

This weekend, alongside Crufts, Channel 4 aired a program called Dog’s Behaving Badly which was hosted by a self proclaimed ‘leading UK dog trainer’. It was immediately obvious that the man does not appear to be qualified and I myself have never heard of him. He offered very poor and highly dangerous advice for a […]

Make your own dog drying coat

For years I have been trying to find a quick drying dog coat to use on my dog. I have struggled to find a coat that fitted or was within budget so I decided to make my own. I’m sharing it here in case it is handy for anyone else too. We are limited for […]

Preparing for a dog walk

Today I had a successful walk with my dog, baby and 3yr old son. By successful I mean that we had some fun and everyone stayed safe. Before the walk I explained to my three year old that if he wanted freedom to run around and explore in the woods he had to make sure […]

Does your dog understand?

Today I saw a gentleman battling with his dog, shouting at and pushing it every time it pulled him on the lead. They got little further than two metres each time before he would reprimand it for pulling him. It got me thinking, does his dog know what he wants it to do? In short, […]

Introducing new members to the family

My three year old son dotes on his little brother, always wanting to hug and play with him. More recently though our nine month old baby is well and truly on the move. Now we face a conflict of interests as our baby tries to take any toy our toddler is playing with. We manage […]