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Dogs and Pre-Schoolers

This week I took my dog, Leskie, into my sons pre-school for a show and tell. I did a short talk on a dog’s needs and how to behave around them, then we showed off some of her tricks. The biggest crowd pleaser was getting her and my son to high five me at the […]

Puppy play biting

This is a blog for puppy owners. The number one complaint I get about young puppies is play biting people. Boy does it hurt with those tiny sharp teeth. Firstly, let me explain why puppies play bite then I’ll go into how to prevent it. It’s really important to understand why puppies play bite and […]

Socialisation and Play

With puppies it is critical to ensure that you socialise them with other dogs from an early age to make sure that they grow into well balanced adult dogs. Socialising them well does not mean letting them play with every dog they meet in the park. It means introducing them to a multitude of other […]