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Assistance Dog Training

I’ve just returned from a five day #Superdogs course learning how to train dogs for assistance. The course was run by Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden of School of Canine Science who had their own TV series on Channel 4 last year called Rescue Dog to Super Dogs. And that’s what we did this last […]

Toilet training

At around three weeks of age a puppy has an inbuilt instinct to move away from their nest to go to the toilet. They will not be aware that your larger house is still part of the nest so it is up to you to teach them the boundaries. Here’s my top tips for toilet […]

Choosing a dog trainer

This weekend, alongside Crufts, Channel 4 aired a program called Dog’s Behaving Badly which was hosted by a self proclaimed ‘leading UK dog trainer’. It was immediately obvious that the man does not appear to be qualified and I myself have never heard of him. He offered very poor and highly dangerous advice for a […]