Assistance Dog Workshop

What: We run workshops to teach your dogs to be assistance dogs.

*Workshop 1 will focus on teaching the attendees and their dogs five core exercises that will set them up for tasks that they want their dog to help with.

*Workshop 2 will then build on the core exercises to teach their dog more specific exercises such as:

– Retrieving items
– Opening or closing doors/cupboards
– Switching lights on or off
– Helping take socks, jackets, covers etc off
– Loading/unloading the washing machine/dryer

 Our next workshops are scheduled to start on:

Workshop 1: Sunday 17th June 2-4pm
Workshop 2: Saturday 14th July 2-4pm

 Albourne Village Hall, BN6 9DJ

How much: £40.00 per dog, per workshop, which includes an online workbook and access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support.
*£5.00 discount if both workshops are booked together (£75.00 total)
**£10.00 discount if both workshop are booked together and you currently attend any of our other classes (£70.00 total)

Why:Some people with disabilities encounter the following issues, they:

*can’t afford a fully qualified assistance dog
*can’t wait two years + for a fully trained dog
*only need their dog to help you with a couple of tasks
*don’t match the criteria set out by current dog assistance charities
*would prefer to train their own dog

This workshop is also suitable for pet owners who would love to train their dogs to perform some really useful tasks, whilst bonding with them and improving their obedience.

Further Info:
I also offer one to ones packages in the home if more specific assistance dog training is required, if I am needed to train a dog the initial tasks or if the dog is not comfortable around other dogs or people. I may also be able to help if the dog is required to help with steadying, alerting or providing comfort/distraction.I am a qualified #Superdogs instructor having trained with Jo-Rosie and Nando who were the trainers on last years Rescue Dogs to Super Dog on Channel 4.All training is using using kind, consistent, reward-based techniques (including clicker training). Workshops are kept small and are taught by a qualified behaviourist with 14 years’ of experience.Please contact us to book on to this workshop