Dog Agility Weave Workshop

What: We run workshops to teach your dogs to do the agility weaves. We use the channel weave method which creates an independent and fast weave. You will be shown how introduce the weaves from start to finish and are offered the opportunity to buy a set of weaves to take home.

When: Our next workshops are scheduled to start on:

Saturday 9th December 11-1pm

Where: Private fields in Ditchling near Notcutts Garden Centre.

How much: £40.00 per dog which includes a video and notes. £35.00 for 12 weave poles. £20.00 for 6 weave poles.
Why: The weaves are the most difficult element of the agility course to teach a dog. It can be frustrating when you reach the point that your dog can do all agility equipment but struggles on the weaves. It eats up your time on the course and greatly reduces your chance of a clear round. Weaves take multiple short sessions over several months to teach, as this isn’t possible in class it is best to teach the weaves at home where possible.
Further Info:

All training is using using kind, consistent, reward-based techniques (including clicker training). Workshops are kept small and are taught by a qualified behaviourist with 14 years’ of experience.Please contact us to book on to this workshop