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Dogs and Pre-Schoolers

This week I took my dog, Leskie, into my sons pre-school for a show and tell. I did a short talk on a dog’s needs and how to behave around them, then we showed off some of her tricks. The biggest crowd pleaser was getting her and my son to high five me at the […]

Running with dogs

I’ve been training for our local five mile obstacle course and my dog has been my running buddy. I have run off and on with her since she was little so I thought it might be useful to share a couple of tips when running with dogs. Firstly, it’s best not to run with very […]

Attention Seeking

A hot topic for me this week was attention seeking; with children and dogs. In particular, them trying to get attention by performing nuisance behaviours or pestering. Dogs are very clever, they will watch you closely and quickly figure out how to get your attention when they want. Whether it be them mouthing, jumping up or […]

Why do dogs roll in poo?

This has to be, hands down, the grossest thing that comes with dog ownership. But why do dogs roll in poo? The short answer is, nobody really knows for sure. But my favourite explanation I’ve heard  is that they do it to cover themselves in the smell of their prey so that they can get […]

Introducing new members to the family

My three year old son dotes on his little brother, always wanting to hug and play with him. More recently though our nine month old baby is well and truly on the move. Now we face a conflict of interests as our baby tries to take any toy our toddler is playing with. We manage […]